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SOLEIL – ATELIER creating a functional category luxurious fashion brand Soleil aimed to bring a range of fine clothing which incorporates brand attributes – grace, precision & luxury. The objective was to reach out to a niche set of audience in Pune & Mumbai. Variety of options available to the people brought the brand face to face with high competition.


This situation demanded building brand awareness and reaching the consideration sets of the target audience. Soleil looked forward to creating an effective brand-led strategy to achieve the objectives.


Team Blueletter developed a brand visual concept & brand identity after thorough research to understand Soleil’s prospective customer – who they are, what matters to them and what they are looking for and more. The brand is associated with a visual and conceptual appeal of luxurious & chic clothing that helps the brand stand out with its classic image.


The brand identity was conceptualised keeping in mind the recall factor of the concept, and along with that the selection of brand colours completed the visual aesthetics of a classic theme. The visualisation was formulated with a focus to engage the audience with a luxurious experience towards tailor-made clothing. Building the brand image has been a process that commenced with ideation which was executed through strategic plan development. To achieve brand objectives, an overall digital marketing plan was employed where social media activities played a crucial role.