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Deradun gave Blueletter renewed inspiration to think beyond boundaries and deliver insightful yet straightforward, convenient and valuable solutions that are fundamental to the brand.


Deradun is an innovative company driven by a sole proprietor, his ideas and his daily experiences. We formed a new positioning and a new brand name, Deradun, inspired by the old name of Dehradun city to make a connection with the people in Dehradun. To convey the company’s desire to help farmers, migrators and to push the boundaries of what retail can be, we came out with a marketing strategy that hinges migration and conveys a message to people to:

Come Back To The Roots

To broadcast this message of the brand and to give a platform to all the farmers for healthy living, Deradun came out with a solution to support local farmers who are deeply affected by migration and are compelled to sell their high-quality products at low dirt prices.


Then we designed a visual identity and system that represents the many faces of Deradun and unites the distinct farmers with supporters from a different sector of the city. We have developed a new positioning and a new insight, to convey the company’s desire via videos to push the boundaries of what retail can be. The name also hints at its product packaging designed by us where it clearly depicts the love towards the Dehradun city.