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Kimayra is newly launched premium essential oil brand, therefore, it needed a proper introduction for their product, hence, a brand communication strategy that felt both genuine and trustworthy at the same time. Kimayra needed a brand identity, brand introduction and a creative brand strategy partner with both style and substance to strategically get to the brand’s heart, and catch the attention and communicate the importance of premium oils to its audience.


The aim is about gaining valuable consumer insights in order to suggest strategic proposals to grow Kimayra in the Indian market. Deductive method is applied in this research. Additionally, data was collected by combining both qualitative (focus group discussions and interviews) and quantitative research.


Following the development of a brand strategy, we created the concept, product description, and creative direction for the brand that captured audience heart, ensuring that the brand is natural, pure and ready to make an entrance in multiple new markets. To explore opportunities to expand the market by catching up the new trend of Ancient beauty secrets.