Regenta LP Vilas

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Regenta LP Vilas is an ode to the bygone era of Rajput and Mughal dynasty through impressive architecture and the most considerable banqueting space in Dehradun. But how to impose the brand in Dehradun and build it with a brand identity recall was a challenge! Regenta LP Vilas by Royal Orchid Group is known for its iconic portfolio of hotel brands, wanted to transform its hospitality strategy for Regenta LP Vilas to meet the needs of the everyday traveller. To achieve that, they partnered with Blueletter to bring distinct brand identity to life.


To enable the brand to meet the changing needs of today’s traveler, we must go deeper to find out what guests want not only today but in the future.


Our team deployed the research tool to identify the individual’s preference for the brand within the city. Blueletter illumined a new way of considering the competitive landscape based on consumer mindsets rather than entrenched industry thinking: It doesn’t matter whether a hotel is labelled “upscale,” “midscale” or “economy,” guests want and expect a great experience. And that’s what Regenta LP Vilas set out to deliver. We worked to position each of their banquets, outlets and more, strategically against the competitive brands that the city has. Creating a unique strategy that optimises the value of the entire portfolio and fact sheet of Regenta LP Vilas helped us to build hype and a brand visual recall. We started to position the market via branding. The activities included visual identity, brand guidelines, brand stationery, brand material design, photography & Illustrations.

We came out with marketing strategy, campaigns development, online advertising, digital media integration, and the content positioning, streamline and simplify brand management—creating a foundation for unlocking the potential of the hospitality and generating value to both Royal Orchid Group and Regenta LP Vilas.


Once the strategy of Phase One was finalized and approved, we engaged the brand for on-ground activities, website development, etc. which turned the brand into compelling, fresh experiences so that the city experiences new on their every visit. We catered to beautiful videography for their banqueting destination which highlights the brand’s essence. Throughout Phase Two, Blueletter conducted a series of campaign conceptualizations, campaign developments that ultimately lead to brand visibility, which is currently being synthesized for each guest to revisit.  These executions brought clarity to the goals put forth by the client and helped us to collaboratively create working plans to implement these brand refreshes in ways that will resonate not only with the brand but also with travelers everywhere.


With Phase One of our work completed and Phase Two well underway, we can expect to see many significant changes in the audience of Dehradun towards the brand Regenta LP Vilas.


We continue to partner with the hospitality to optimize the guest experience, creating brand expressions and experiences that stack up to something more than exceptional, but truly outstanding.