V One Hotel – The Competent Palace

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V One Hotels is a zeal of homegrown vision of Hospitality Management well known in North India for over 20 years. The Group is highly regarded for its professional outlook and dedication to integrity. To expand its portfolio into the hospitality industry, V One Hotels took The Competent Palace under its category with the intention to make the hotel a premier global hospitality experience that would cater to a range of travelers.


The Competent Palace guests were broken down after accessing the default services from the hotel staff, and it was Blueletter’s challenge to rebuild the brand identity of The Competent Palace to V One Hotel- The Competent Palace offering friendly hospitality service. V One Hotel- The Competent Palace partnered with Blueletter to bring a distinct brand identity in the city.


For V One Hotel- The Competent Palace, it was a purely visual play. Blueletter sought to align the heart of this hospitality brand, rooted in its position as a luxury staycation destination situated away from the hustle bustle of the city with its business imperative to deliver a premium hospitality experience. To this end, we looked into

  • Revamping Brand Identity

  • Building New Menus

  • Revamping the entire Social Media Performance

  • Portraying the Revamp to the audience

  • Sorting out the brand reputation via Reputation Management

  • Portraying the new  look and services via photography and videography


After the unveiling in 2018, V One Hotel- The Competent Palace, with its unique visual identities, cultural offerings and corporate mission, immediately had a resounding impact on Dehradun hospitality industry, becoming popular destinations for an array of travellers. As V One Hotel- The Competent Palace builds its portfolio and establishes its reputation in Dehradun, they continue to position with Blueletter to fulfil their goal of becoming a renowned hotel brand.